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San Blas Environmental Reserve

The San Blas Environmental Reserve is a pristine natural site in the south of Tenerife, offering guided tours to better understand and experience the unique history, geology, cultural heritage and spectacular beauty of the island. Tenerife was formed by volcanic eruptions and lava flows between 8-12 million years ago.

The fluid architecture of the modern Multimedia Interpretation Centre is inspired by the natural shapes and colours of the reserve. The centre hosts an interactive museum and a compelling Historic Experience Tunnel where visitors are taken on a multi-sensory journey exploring important events in the history of the island, as well as the customs and lives of the indigenous Guanches.

The second part of the tour involves a guided walk through the extraordinary nature reserve, witnessing unique botanic species and wildlife, as well as ancient relics from the island’s original inhabitants. A professional, multidisciplinary team offers workshops covering a wide range of topics, including local folklore, archaeology, environmental conservation, flora and fauna.

The project aims to conserve the areas of natural and cultural value, encouraging sustainability and educating the wider public about the unique cultural heritage of Tenerife. Hotel guests receive a discounted rate for guided tours of the reserve, while children under 12 years receive free entry.

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