22:17:51 Wednesday, 8th December

Loro Parque’s Penguinarium is a fantastic attraction that allows visitors to observe these cute marine birds in a recreation of their natural environment. It opened in 1999 as the world’s largest facility of its kind with a huge amount of work going into designing the perfect home for different types of penguins. 

Planet Penguin replicates the types of conditions Antarctic penguins need and love. Special machines produce 12 tons of snow a day and the water is kept at around seven degrees. Watch as they jump off huge ice boulders, dive into the deep cold waters for a swim, feast on fish and cuddle together in the falling snow. 

In another area, called the Pacific exhibit, different species live in warmer conditions. Here you will also find Humboldt penguins that come from the west coast of South America for example. 

Loro Parque has done a fantastic job of building a home for these cute penguins. Be sure to spend some time in the impressive penguinarium, it will be well worth it.

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