06:11:42 Thursday, 23rd September

Captivating, fun and full of tricks, the dolphin show at Loro Parque is not to be missed. These intelligent and cute creatures play to music, jump out of the water, twist and turn during an impressive display that will have every member of the family smiling. Take a seat in the huge 1,800 capacity stadium and enjoy the playful performance. 

Loro Parque is dedicated to providing the best possible care and environment for their dolphins. The pools contain seven million litres of seawater and are among the most modern in the world. A wonderful habitat has been created and the park works closely with veterinarians, biologists and scientists to make sure the dolphins are safe and happy. Five dolphins have been born in this dolphinarium, which pays tribute to all the hard work that goes on here. 

In addition to the dolphins, there is also a sea lion show where these amusing characters will have you laughing and giggling at their antics. The enclosure allows these delightful marine mammals to swim around in depths of 65 metres. Loro Parque prides itself on creating an environment where their Californian sea lions can live a happy and contented life.

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