22:14:14 Wednesday, 8th December

The wonderful animals of Loro Parque will make you smile, laugh, cheer and shout. Every week thousands of people pass through the doors of one of Tenerife’s most popular attractions to watch the stunning performances and catch up with our colourful feathery friends. 

And that’s not all this amazing park has to offer! Incredible dolphins perform acrobatic stunts to amazed crowds, mischievous sea lions show off their talents, a family of orca whales soar and dive in the water and cheeky parrots will have you in fits of giggles. There are more than 300 species of birds, gorillas, chimpanzees, tigers, sloths, jaguars, meerkats, giant tortoises and much more. Regardless of your age you will be fascinated by this animal adventure park located in Puerto de la Cruz.

Loro Parque has recreated Antarctic conditions for Planet Penguin which is home to dozens of cute creatures who jump off ice blocks and dive into freezing water, in conditions which mimic their natural habitat. Sharks swim through the tunnels of the aquarium and beautiful birds fly freely in Katandra Treetops, a jungle reconstruction where you can traverse swinging bridges and explore walkways in search of cockatoos, emus and laughing kookaburras. This really is a special day out for every member of the family.

Do you love the sound of Loro Parque? You can complement your visit with a reservation at Hotel Botánico & the Oriental Spa Garden, which comes with the Spain-Tenerife stamp of approval. This exquisite 5-star establishment offers luxury like no other and is a 10 minute car journey from the thrills and spills of the park.