21:18:50 Wednesday, 8th December

Tucked away on the northwest coast in the town of Icod de los Vinos, there is a nice volcanic beach surrounded by dramatic rocks and cliffs. Playa de San Marcos is a firm favourite among the residents of nearby Puerto de la Cruz as well as holidaymakers looking for good times in the sunshine. It is popular yet not too crowded with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

All types of people visit this beach as the shoreline is very attractive and enjoys warm, calm waters. Children play in the sand, youngsters play volleyball, families picnic, couples relax and everyone cool off in the temperate ocean. If you are thinking of spending your day on the beach, you will find plenty of sunbeds, sunshades and shower facilities. 

The views here are lovely, especially in the evening as the sun goes down. In front of the beach is a cosy promenade where you can find several restaurants specialising in Canarian cuisine and fish dishes. In addition, there are cafés and bars to enjoy a light snack and drinks as well as some shops.

Playa de San Marcos remains an unspoiled beach and is well worth a visit. It has a lovely laid-back atmosphere that will have you day dreaming in the sunshine, bathing in the beautiful waters and generally having a relaxing time on your holiday.

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