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Visiting Tenerife means enjoying a relaxing holiday, i.e., beach, walks and lots of fun! With a fantastic weather throughout the whole year, you will almost certainly have sunny days and a fantastic tan!

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Loro Parque

From north to south, the island offers you wonderful golden sand or pebble beaches, of volcanic origin, and calm, crystal-clear waters, creating the ideal scenario for a great day by the sea.

And, during these walks, take some time to taste the local cuisine, because it says a lot about the culture of a people! The Canary Islands have a wide variety of specialties, and in Tenerife, of course, fresh fish and shellfish are a must-have for seafood lovers. But these dishes will taste even better with some special details, such as fresh local vegetables and fruit, or typical deserts and drinks, that leave no one indifferent.

After a delicious meal, there are several sports and leisure options for you to burn some calories. Tenerife offers you a very wide range of sea activities (diving, sailing, windsurfing, fishing, etc.), as well as land activities, such as golfing or hiking through the enchanted interior of the island. Tenerife also has amusement parks, such as Loro Parque, with plenty of activities and animal acts, as well as water parks (Aqualand).

If you want to explore further the culture of the people of Tenerife, you should visit the museums and art galleries in the island's capital, Santa Cruz, and enjoy traditional festivals that will tell you a bit more about the traditions of this people who loves to welcome its visitors.