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Tenerife is a large island with many interesting locations, towns, villages, seaside resorts, beaches and cities to explore. Use our map to help plan your trip.

Tenerife has an area of 785.47 square miles (2,034.36 square kilometres) and 889,936 inhabitants. More than five million tourists visit every year, making it the most populated Spanish island.

This Island is situated 200 miles off the northwest coast of Africa at about 28 degrees latitude north and 16.5 degrees longitude west.

From the top of Mount Teide National Park all the way down the beautiful coastline, this street map has all the vital information you will need to help you get around Tenerife’s vibrant capital city Santa Cruz. Click on the map to get a more in-depth picture and use the zoom to achieve a closer look at the street names.

How to get to Tenerife
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