06:00:19 Thursday, 23rd September

The Anaga Mountains occupy a large section of the northeast part of Tenerife and consist of coastline, ravines, forests and villages that are so remote it is amazing that anyone actually lives in them. This whole area is a protected natural landscape, is breathtakingly beautiful and full of twists and turns that will delight and amaze. 

Here you will find places of natural and scenic interest, such as the Roques de Anaga; interesting rock formations in the sea that have been reshaped by erosion and are natural monuments of Tenerife. 

A spectacular trip leads up the Barranco de Las Huertas, a large area of botanical importance across the Anaga range, where you will have the chance to enjoy amazing views over the craggy north coast.

With all its great beauty, the panoramic Anaga Mountain region is still relatively unexplored and small villages, cut off from the main roads reveal a "Hidden Tenerife". In these villages some people actually still live in caves; visit, spend some time and discover!

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