10:24:53 Saturday, 16th October
  • Tenerife Walking Festival 2016
  • Tenerife Walking Festival 2016

The Tenerife Walking Festival, which took place from 10th to 14th March this year, is scheduled to return in 2016.

This festival combines walks along various trails on the island, a well-loved tourist destination in Europe. Participants come from various countries such as Denmark, the United Kingdom, Germany and France and take part in walks divided between the island's coastline and some very well-known and emblematic locations, such as the Teide National Park.

As the climate on the island of Tenerife is temperate almost all year round, it is renowned for its great conditions for nature sports, such as hiking. All in all, the island has around 100 marked trails.

Apart from the walks, participants can also take part in other types of activities, such as visits to wineries, museums and historic centres. The heart of this festival is in Puerto de la Cruz, where talks, exhibitions and other activities take place during the event.

The Tenerife Walking Festival is organised by the Island Council of Tenerife through the Tenerife Tourism Board and its new trademark "Tenerife No Limits', as well as by the Government of the Canary Islands.