22:43:06 Wednesday, 8th December

Tenerife.buzz is an exciting brand new app that allows local businesses the unique opportunity to list and promote their brands, services and attractions to the widest audiences possible, enabling visitors to Tenerife and the Canary Islands to pre-plan their holidays, search for restaurants, entertainment, events, beaches and experience something different.

This innovative app uses cutting-edge technology combining QR codes and directory listings providing a platform for businesses and ‘attractions’ to advertise their services, promote events and sell tickets. Just as importantly it also enables users to plan their holiday, explore the island with an interactive map, ensuring that they never get lost as well as browse and download special offers, discount vouchers or discover new places.

Having lived and worked in Tenerife and the Canary Islands for the last thirty years, James and Corinne Williams realised that some visitors to both islands, especially repeat visitors, tended to stay and visit the same places year after year, wary of going off the beaten track through fear of disappointment. In light of this, they decided to create Tenerife.buzz that would broaden peoples horizons as well as promote the local economy.

With a scheduled launch date of January 2019, both James and Corinne believe that Tenerife.buzz will revolutionise the way that people see and experience the islands. To find out more information about the new app, please visit Tenerife Buzz.