08:46:18 Saturday, 16th October
  • Santa Cruz Tourism

Santa Cruz de Tenerife is preparing the launch of a new campaign, by the end of 2015, which will have regional, national and international coverage, aiming to attract more tourism to the city.

This campaign not only involves the Santa Cruz City Council, but also hoteliers, to jointly discuss a strategy for the future and make Santa Cruz a location not to be missed in Tenerife. 

The four strengths of Santa Cruz form the heart of the campaign: the sea (promoting cruise, beach and water sports tourism), cuisine, leisure, shopping and culture, and the Carnival which attracts many thousands of visitors every year. Promoting outdoor activities also plays an important part of the campaign, in order to transmit the idea that events take place all year round in Santa Cruz. Lastly, they want to invest in quality living, improvements to the traffic, accessibilities and in the cleanliness of the city.