21:37:39 Wednesday, 8th December

The glorious weather in Tenerife makes it the perfect holiday destination 365 days of the year. The Canary Islands boasts a subtropical climate, which makes them an appealing holiday destination at any time.

In December and January you still can enjoy magnificent weather, days on the beach, a swim in the ocean and lovely blue skies. Compared to many other European destinations, Tenerife winters are extremely mild, one of the factors that makes it a very alluring destination for holidaymakers keen to escape the colder climates of home. Generally, November to March can be described as ‘high season’. 

Of course, school holidays are also a very busy time of the year with families eager to spend some days in the sun during a much needed Easter break. 

May, June and July are good months to travel, with the weather really getting hotter. A lovely cool sea breeze makes even very hot summer days refreshing. In August many people visit, particularly over the official summer holiday. Click here to see the average annual temperatures.

Airfares can be very reasonable all year round, with the best bargains to be found from September to December and also from March to May, except over the Easter period. 

So if this has got you in the mood for a bit of sunshine, feel free to check out more about Tenerife’s great weather here. You can also get more details about the best 4 and 5-star hotels in prime locations – all on offer at bargain prices.

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