22:55:26 Wednesday, 8th December

When it comes to packing for your holiday, the best advice Spain-Tenerife can give is ‘do not overdo it’. Remember that there is an abundance of great shopping in Tenerife, so you can always treat yourself to a few bargains while you are here. 

One of the most practical items you can bring is a backpack, which comes in very handy. Some people like to use a concealed money belt or wallet to carry their belongings and cash. 

As far as clothing is concerned we know you will be thinking about swimwear and flips flops. Bear in mind, that something warmer will be needed if you are planning trips around the island. Depending on the area you visit, the temperatures can get a little cooler. For instance, a trip to Mount Teide National Park, will require warmer clothing and suitable footwear. It gets particularly cold if you take the cable car to the summit. And if you are planning on hiking during your visit, don’t forget all your essentials. 

Leisure & Sports

In addition, some of the fine-dining restaurants require their guests to wear smarter clothes, as do some of the nightclubs and cocktail bars. Generally, this means that sportswear, beachwear and trainers are not allowed. 

Finally, please remember that a driving licence is needed if you want to hire a car and you need a photo ID when you pay by debit or credit card. It may also be a good idea to bring along a plug adapter for a 220V round two-pin plug if it’s different from back home.