22:06:15 Wednesday, 8th December

Flying to the Canary Islands could not be easier with many airlines offering reasonable fares to year-round destinations like Tenerife. Air travel has come a very long way since the 1960s when international travel first became popular. These days, you can jet off for a lovely holiday to this gorgeous island with its stunning coastline, beautiful beaches and luxurious hotels conveniently and cheaply. 

Tenerife is the only Canary Island with two airports. Until 1977 it had only one; Los Rodeos airport, situated in the north of the island near La Laguna. A second airport, the Reina Sofía (named after the King of Spain’s wife), was built in the south near the Costa Adeje area.

Reina Sofía is a thoroughly modern airport and handles almost all of Tenerife's international traffic. Fridays are a particularly busy day with one flight approximately every six minutes during the day time. 

Airport Transfers

In addition, there is a large car park that is extremely cheap. Many holidaymakers step off the plane and pick up their hire car. For more information on renting a vehicle in Tenerife, click here

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