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All over the Canaries you will find a wealth of customs and traditions, most of which involve a fantastic party atmosphere, vibrant colours and good food and drinks. For the visitor, taking part or watching the traditions of Tenerife will be an energetic, vibrant and memorable experience. 

The Canary Islands are big on fiestas; they love to party! During these celebrations many people dress up in traditional costumes and come together to sing and dance. Homemade food, local wine and Canarian delicacies are served from stalls and generally everyone has a great time. If you get the chance to be part of any type of fiesta while holidaying in the Canary Islands, do it! 

Carnival is the biggest of the year in Tenerife and is held between February and March, with specific dates changing every year. The capital Santa Cruz comes alive with street parties where revellers dress up and sing. Another feature of Carnival are the murgas; large groups, usually men, who perform satirical and amusing songs about politics or their discontent or disapproval about their country. Each group is judged and a prize is given at the end of the competition. 

Another very strong custom in Tenerife are the Romerías which happen every year. These are specific days when different saints are honoured by people making a pilgrimage to a particular place. Often you will see large groups walking through the streets, many of whom dress up in traditional attire, accompanied by singers and musicians. 

Santa Cruz – Capital
The People

There always seems to be some kind of festival or celebration going on somewhere in Tenerife. How would you like to sample some of the customs and traditions here? In addition to the great weather and fantastic beaches, there are a wealth of discoveries for you to make while on holiday. Check out more information about the luxurious hotels in the best locations at fantastic prices here.