21:19:45 Wednesday, 8th December

The people of the Canary Islands have very tolerant attitudes when it comes to gay men and lesbians. They are liberal, friendly and relaxed about the subject with a very open-minded overlook.

Nightlife and the ‘gay scene’ in general is growing in Tenerife with one area in Playa de las Américas having several bars and nightclubs dedicated to fun, music, laughter and good times. Elsewhere many bars are gay-friendly with a nice chilled-out, welcoming atmosphere extended to everyone. 

Lots of gay people come to Tenerife to celebrate carnival in Santa Cruz, which is held every year over a few weeks sometime in February or March. A massive party vibe, with dancing in the streets and colourful costumes is part of the appeal. 

As far as the beaches are concerned, there is a small section of Los Cristianos beach which is visited by gay people, similarly there is another beach called Playa Tejita near to the Golf del Sur, that attracts nudists and gay people.

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