22:35:20 Wednesday, 8th December

The Canaries are extremely safe with very low crime rates and little for the traveller to worry about in terms of dangers and nuisances. Spain-Tenerife advises the ‘common sense’ approach. 

Behave as you would at home, do not leave personal belongings in the car, use the safe provided by your hotel, be mindful of pickpockets and avoid dimly lit areas at night. 

In the unlikely event that you need to contact the police, call 112 or ask your hotel reception for advice. Remember that you will need a crime report number if you are making an insurance claim. If you unfortunately lose your passport, contact your embassy who can provide a new copy.

There are not many nuisances, although please note that Playa de las Américas and Los Cristianos are much more bustling compared with other more laid-back areas. In these resorts, you will often find late-night drinking, party goers and loud music. Some people prefer to visit these towns before heading back to the tranquillity of their hotel located in a more discerning resort. 

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