22:15:25 Wednesday, 8th December

Many holidaymakers like to keep in touch with friends and family while they are away. In Tenerife, there are plenty of ways to do this whether it is making a telephone call, using the Internet or sending a postcard.

International telephone calls can be made from almost anywhere in the Canary Islands. You have the choice of using coins, phone cards and sometimes credit cards. Telephone calls made from bars, restaurants and hotels are usually a great deal more expensive than the street pay booths. Alternatively, you can call from a metered booth 'telefónica' where you pay after you have finished the call. And in most resorts you will find Internet cafés, which offer access to a computer and telephones. Alternatively, most hotels offer free WiFi connection.

Post offices are usually open from 09.00 to 14.00 and close an hour earlier on Saturdays. However, there are no telephones in post offices. This is the place to buy stamps, which are also available in many convenience stores around Tenerife. Post boxes are easy to find everywhere, they are yellow with the word ‘Correos’ written on them. 

If you have important or urgent mail, Spain-Tenerife recommends you use one of the international courier companies.

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